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Restroom Renovation Project: Terminal A-West, Philadelphia International Airport (PHL)

Project Budget: $130,000

Deadline for Submissions: June 1, 2022 

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Project Overview:

The City of Philadelphia’s Percent for Art Program and Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) announce a competition to commission artwork for an interior restroom located in Terminal A-West in the International Terminal. To best meet the needs and expectations of the Airport’s 33.02 million annual passengers (pre-pandemic), PHL is continuing its restroom renovation project that will greatly enhance its ability to efficiently connect travelers to their destinations as well as provide innovative and world-class amenities. A major feature of this project is the overall sense of aesthetic including the architecture, interior design, and fine art — all components that will enrich the public’s airport experience and continue to make PHL a choice destination for travelers. PHL and the City of Philadelphia’s Percent for Art Program encourages artists from the 11-county Greater Philadelphia region to propose works that respond directly to the characteristics of the specified site, will enrich the public’s experience at the airport, and be a positive reflection of the region.

Location and Site Description:

The restroom in Terminal A-West will have a designated entryway wall for a site-specific permanent art commission using ceramic, glass tiles, or other highly durable 2-dimensional materials. The wall will be visible from the concourse so that ticketed passengers who use the terminal will have the opportunity to experience the artwork from the gate seating areas, walking past the restroom area, or by utilizing the restroom area. Artists will have the opportunity to expand the footprint of the art installation beyond the 86 square foot designated wall onto the adjacent floor area.

The purpose of this public art commission is to create a dynamic and memorable entrance that will enliven the restroom and concourse. Recent customer surveys have shown that a passenger’s experience of restrooms has a major impact on their overall impression of and satisfaction with an airport. Many factors contribute to a positive impression of a public restroom including appearance, functional layout, amenities, sufficient lighting, finishes, cleanliness, and public art. Therefore, the new restroom design will feature a prominent entryway wall with an uninterrupted “canvas” for ceramic, glass tiles, or other highly durable 2-dimensional materials. It is encouraged to include a portion of the entryway floor as part of the commission using highly durable 2-dimensional materials suitable and safe for travelers and PHL staff to walk on and navigate with luggage or work and cleaning equipment.

A total budget of up to $130,000 has been allocated for this Percent for Art commission. This sum is inclusive of all artist(s) fees, renderings, insurance, fabrication, installation, travel, and all other project related expenses.

Read and Download the full Call for Artist *UPDATED*

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